About Peggy Heart

My name is Vanessa, but people call me Peggy. I’m a born and raised portuguese multidisciplinary creative of 30 years. I lived in Spain (Madrid) for the last 8 years, but i decided to be back to my country, Portugal. Currently based between Oporto and Lisbon working as a freelancer.

I love Fashion and for me Fashion is Art. More than Art, it is attitude - our attitude! I love color and playing with all possible shades of color. I love 70s and 80s aesthetics, well… i live for that! I like finding beauty in the ordinary things of everyday life. I enjoy mixing objects that might seem impossible and non-sense to the eyes of others but that, in the end, make perfect sense. Indeed, that is exactly what Art and Fashion are: being free to improvise, to try something different and to make it work. I'm not graduated, well i mean i studied styling in a short course in Madrid, but i feel i've learned and i'm still learning so much more with other people, being around them, checking what they are doing, failing, sharing ideas and knowledge. I've worked with amazing people and I'm so grateful. 

I’ve started shooting film in 2011 with an old film camera from my grandfather. I’ve stopped for a long time and now I’m back. Recently my therapist told me that i should do something that i love to keep me busy and fight my anxiety, so i’ve decided to shoot film again and i’m obsessed. I'm not an expert and i think that don't matter, because i really love what i do.

Welcome to my world.

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